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Out of Side Project Ideas? Here is list of side project ideas just for you!

Is it just me? Or is when you finish an extensive tutorial or course, you like the Energizer bunny going ” Whats next? Com-on world I can program anything” Well not exactly anything, but I want to test out my new abilities.

Now I am still a beginner, so this happens to me often.

So I go to good ol’ Google and spend hours trying to decide on some interesting side project ideas. There are so many resources available that I begin to ask myself questions like:

Do other people use this site, and where are their solutions?
Is this suitable for my Programming Language?
Is this a side project or is it a coding exercise?
Is this suitable for a beginner like me?
Can I show my friends this?
Will this count as something I can add to my resume?

Now, by the time I have decided on a Side Project Idea, I have a thousand tabs open, motivation is gone, and I am tired.

Why jump around the internet looking for suitable resources?
Why waste time checking if there are solutions?
Why waste precious energy ticking off your mental checklist?
Why lose motivation?

As a creative ( yes, programmers are creative – You create software solutions), you should have a central location for identifying right side Project Ideas and start building – In the quickest time possible.

Below you will find a list and a review of resources I check through when I need a little help coming up with Side Project Ideas.  It has helped me save many hours of unnecessary searching on the web.

For the best use of this ideas listed below, try to adapt it to your world.

For example, a side project idea below is an Attendance Mangement System. If you are a student you can make an Attendance system for your class, or an entrepreneur could make it for their factory.

Another example is data visualiser if you a student you can make a Visualisation of your Spending habits using banking information; or if you work long hours you can visualise and track your total work hours to identify which period of the year/month/week you work the longest.

Turn the idea into an application that you or someone you know can use,  will dramatically increase its relevance and interest to you.

Table of Contents

Comparison Table of Large Coding Resources
Review Resources
List Various Sources
Whats next?


Comparison of Resources​

Reddit GitHub 1000_Projects Coding Parks Idea Machine Internet Wish List
Number of Side Project Ideas 45+ 76 1000 15+  

Suitable for All Programming Languages

 Suitable for Beginners  


It is updated fairly often; however this does not appear to be an active SubReddit topic. There are numerous related subreddits being added all the time. Refer to the side panel of this Subreddit for links.

Many of the suggested ideas are popular web clones or tutorial-styled projects used to teach languages

Notable Projects:

– Dice Simulator
– Rock, Paper Scissors game
– Web scraping Pokemon data to build a Pokedex
– Text Editor
– Magic 8 Ball

Go to this resource now


It is not updated regularly nor is it an active repo. These projects are mainly generated from Marty’s Mega List and RossetaCode.

Beginners may find the ideas in this repo challenging but try it out; you will only get better at breaking down complexity.

Notable Projects:

– Financial Markets Quote Tracker
– Airline / Hotel Reservation System
– Content Management System (Like WordPress)
– Travel Planner System
– Flower Shop Ordering To Go

Go to this resource now


This repo is not active or updated recently. It is a huge repo of ideas for beginners with a section for advanced topics.
The lack of solutions is disappointing however it is indispensable in helping you come up with your own ideas

Notable Projects:
– Chat Application
– Online Examination System
– Automated Student Performace Analysis
– Data Visualization
– Smart Traffic Light Application

Go to this resource now

Coding Parks

There is no specific repo for side projects on this website. However, the site as a whole contains many project ideas. These Project Ideas are aimed at final year CS students with few of them focused on Android Development.

Notable Projects:
– Library Mangement system
– Attendance Management system
– Loan Management system
– School Management system
– Hospital Management system

Go to this resource now

The Internet Wish List vs. Idea Machine

Both these resources are dynamically updated via twitter however Idea Machines is active and being updated regularly whereas Internet Wishlist is not.

Go to the Internet wish list now

Go to the Idea Machine now

Other useful sources

– Quora                  (Link)(Link)(Link)
– Books                   (Link) (Link) – Not Affiliate links
– Hackernews     (Link)

Whats next?


Congratulations, you now have ton of side project idea at your fingertips and a review of each to identify the best resources for your needs 🙂

If you found this useful let me know which ones you liked.

If I missed any sites or resources that you use and find helpful, leave a comment below for the rest of the community.

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