Why comparing your side project is a bad idea

Just before you sit and work on your side project or start thinking about creating one. Do you ever compare your side project that you started for fun or exploratory reasons to big time success. Lets find out why this is wrong.

Jay Abrahams interviews John Paul DeJoria

John Paul DeJoria reveals how he made his billions by following one overarching belief to treat others as you would like to be treated and demonstrated how success stems from kindness and being ofservice to others, irrespective of circumstance.

Mastery Guide for Makers

You can learn anything using the internet, I want to show you how you can master your craft at your own pace by applying deliberate practice.

Guide to making it Good Enough - Perfection is not an excuse to procrastinate

I often struggle, worrying that my new project should be “perfect” before it is shipped or shared. This need to have things perfect regularly gets in the way of doing anything at all. Apart from the wasted time and energy spent behind the scenes,it leads to missed daily opportunities for feedback, learning and outreach.

Don't let your career suffer - How side projects improve your job performance.

Do you worry that your side project will get you fired? Are you worried about poor job performance if you embark on a side project? DON’T BE, you actually doing your boss and career a favour.

Guide to focusing on your side project, even when your tired

Yeah, yeah, yeah we all know focussing these days is tough. There is an entire industry around eliminating distraction and becoming more productive. Cal Newport is the pioneer around deep work and recently even wrote a book about it. I cannot wait to read it. If only I could sit down, and check out all the reviews before purchasing it,”don’t you just hate losing focus and getting distracted?” Arrrrrrgggg!!!

Epic List of Side Project Ideas for Programmers

Is it just me? Or is when you finish an extensive tutorial or course, you like the Energizer bunny going ” Whats next? Com-on world I can program anything” Well not exactly anything, but I want to test out my new abilities.Now I am still a beginner, so this happens to me often. I created a list of side project ideas to solve this problem.