Jay Abrahams interviews John Paul DeJoria

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Summary: John Paul DeJoria reveals how he made his billions by following one overarching belief – Treat others as you would like to be treated. He demonstrated how success stems from kindness and being of service to others, irrespective of circumstance.


Purpose: The Idea of this post is to share my notes of this interview with you, so you can extract the same insights I did.


 The way I heard it:


  • We can all do 10x – 15x more than what we doing right now.


  • An entrepreneur is someone who just starts something.


  • Be in the Re-Order (Recurring) business, not in Sales (Once-off).


  • As someone starting out, be prepared for rejection – so it doesn’t shock you.
  • Be honourable, so even if they don’t buy from you, they will know you are genuine.


  • Do onto others, as you would have others do onto you.


  • Success is about your ability to be of service to others.


  • Your highest high will come from helping others while expecting nothing in return.


  • Make sure you spending your time, on things that you want to do.


  • Don’t get upset when you lose something, just come back and do something different.


  • Surround yourself with others that have the same energy for your goals.


  • Perform your work as though your boss is watching you.


  • The thing that separates me from others is my ability to Listen Tentatively


  • Everyone has a purpose, even if that is to demonstrate what not to do.


  • Pay attention to the vital few, and ignore the trivial many.


  • If you can’t manage yourself and your time, you are not a manager.


  • Pay yourself first.


  • Be present, it will help clear your mind.


  • Best Lesson taught: Is to give people the opportunity to do more. When people feel respected and valued, they do more because they want to and enjoy it.


  • Useful Business Advice: Success unshared is failure, you don’t need money to share.


  • Advice to Startups: Have 6 months living expense saved.
  • Don’t invest it all, keep a portion as a liquid Nest Egg.


  • Be an empathetic leader.


  • Listen and do things for the empowerment of the team or client.


  • Don’t let others put you down, what do they know?


Parting Message: In the end, everything will be ok, if it’s not – it is not the end.


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